Dr. Oz White Willow Bark for Arthritis & Back Pain

On today’s Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about 7 remedies for body pain. From arthritis, to back pain, to joint pain he covered it all. Some of the recommendations were special pillows, tennis ball massages, gels to rub on your pain and pain pills. For arthritis and back pain one supplement he recommended was White Willow Bark.

What is White Willow Bark?

The inner bark of the white willow tree contains salicin, which is changed to salicylic acid in the body. Salicylic acid may sound familiar you to, as it’s what used to make aspirin. And just like this supplement, aspirin helps with pain! Unlike aspirin though, this herb has been used for thousands of years for pain and fevers.

Dr. Oz on White Willow Bark

On the pain segment, an audience member complained about having a lot of pain in her foot and leg, which she think caused her back pain. Dr. Oz says that White Willow Bark works through the same pathway as aspirin, but without the side effects that aspirin can bring if you take it over a long period of time. He said you could either buy the the liquid or capsule form of it.


Liquid White Willow Bark – Take 4-6 ml 3Xs per day with a glass of water.

Capsule White Willow Bark: Take 800mg twice per day.

Where to Buy?

I would recommend getting this product online. That way you can see the reviews of the different brands. Especially if you are getting the liquid kind, you can see what other people thought about the taste.

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