L-Carnosine Supplement Benefits & Side Effects

On today’s Dr. Oz show, Dr. Oz spoke about a great supplement to fight sagging skin. This supplement is L-Canosine. L-Carnosine is a supplement for anti-aging that will help a person look and feel younger, while possibly improving eyesight, and more.  He noted that as men and women age our natural levels of L-Carnosine drop.

Dr. Oz Recommendation:Dr Oz said that by taking 500mg of supplemental L-Carnosine twice a day we can reap all the benefits

Carnosine can help you turn back the clock.

Dr Oz spoke about how L-Carnosine Pills could be the miracle anti-aging pill! It can help improve your eyesight and will help you get your vitality back. This pill can take your body back 10 years to help get rid of wrinkles and make your skin look and feel better. Carnosine is a naturally occurring molecule found in the brain. As we age, levels drop more than 60 percent, causing a loss in vitality. It is also a potent antioxidant that can improve brain function while getting rid of wrinkles. An audience member stated that since she turned 30, she noticed a change in her energy. She is a working mom and found it hard to keep up with life’s daily activities. She also noticed more wrinkles.

So How Does L-Carnosine Works

To demonstrate how this product worked, Dr Oz had pillows with strings labeled, protein. He used an audience member and saddled her with several of the pillows labeled, protein. The more protein pillows he used, the more she was weighed down. Carnosine busts up the damage that occurs in our bodies when we have too much protein.

L-Carnosine Directions

Dr Oz stated that Carnosine helped with vision as well as dementia. It’s best to take this product early on in our lives as a preventative measure. (Around 30). To get maximum benefits, take 500 mg with food 2x per day.

Where Can You Buy L-Carnosine

You can buy the 500mg dose of L-Carnosine from BestPriceNutrition.com for just $49.50

L-Carnosine Benefits

  • Improves elasticity of blood vessels
  • Improves enzyme activity
  • Limits free radicals
  • Helps slow down the aging of skin, thus minimizing the growth of wrinkles and the breakdown of skin elasticity.
  • Removes heavy metals like lead from the body
  • Inproves oxygen movement to the cells
  • Helps dilate clogged arteries
  • Increases blood flow to the heart, brain, as well as throughout the entire body.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure (hypertension)
  • An Australian team research team has found that supplementation with carnosine increases strength and endurance of fatigued muscles — this is of special interest to bodybuilders and athletes in general.

L-Carnosine Side Effects

Side Effects of L-Carnosine? None are reported at the present time. Carnosine is non-toxic.

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