Caraway Seeds for Bloating

Another old favorite in the kitchen, Caraway Seed is also an old favorite herbal digestive aid and appetite stimulant that has long been used to relieve indigestion and gas. Try it for other digestive problems as well, including constipation, heartburn, colic and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Caraway has a spicy past: It was used in ancient times as an aphrodisiac in love potions.

Dr. Oz on Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds are great for bloating says Dr. Oz. An audience member, was a little emotional as she told Dr Oz that she hated her belly fat and wishes it was gone. She was tired of feeling bloated all the time and felt terrible when she had to change her outfit several times before going out.

Dr Oz said Caraway Seeds control bloating. For centuries, it has been a staple in many foods such as bread and cheese and is a natural fix for painful bloating. Caraway seeds contain a powerful digestive aid to help eliminate gas.

Doctor Oz explained that bloating happened because you have bacteria in your gut that converts food into gas. Caraway seeds help good bacteria properly digest the food. It also helps to relax the intestinal tract so you can pass gas. Take a handful of seeds after breakfast. Dawn tried a handful and said it was doable.

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