Red Mineral Algae for Joint Pain

On today’s Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about a supplement for joint paint. This is a very common ailment for both men and women. I do a lot of working out and running, so this effects me quite a bit. I am always interested n supplements that can help without having to go to a doctor. The supplement Dr. Oz is referring to is called Red Mineral Algae.

Dr. Oz on Red Mineral Algae Benefits

On this segment a woman named Lisa, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she also had very bad joint pain in her fingers because she’s on a tiny laptop all day (time to move up to a pc!). Dr Oz says told her that spending many hours on a laptop or any computer may cause inflammation and discomfort in the joints of your hands and fingers. Red mineral algae can help. It is rich in the nutrients calcium , magnesium, and boron, which can help with joint paint…especially in the hands and fingers like in Lisa’s case.

Dr. Oz Red Mineral Algae Dosage

Take 2,400mg of Red Mineral Algae per day as Dr. Oz recommends.

What is Red Mineral Algae?

Red Mineral Algae is a mineral supplement derived from red algae harvested off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland. It is a rich vegetarian source of bioavailable Calcium and Magnesium and contains over 70 other important trace minerals. Marine vegetation is 10-20% richer in minerals than most land vegetables with excellent bio-activity. This multi-mineral complex supports bone integrity and has been used in clinical studies demonstrating that Aquamin® can help to support joint health and mobility.

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