Bilberry Tea For Weight Loss

I have mentioned this now at least 30 times…I love tea. So I love it when Dr. Oz talks about teas. On today’s show, Dr. Oz talked about a few weight loss teas that can help stop food cravings and push you to lose weight. Possibly even take some off the butt! One of the teas he mentioned was Bilberry Tea.

Bilberry Tea helps to kill cravings during dinnertime. Its savory sweet flavor balances blood sugar. Bilberry tea also contains antioxidants and comes from a plant that resembles a blueberry. (Dr Oz noted that this tea had a slightly medicinal taste.)

Dr. Oz Bilberry Tea Recommendation / Directions

Drink 1 cup of Bilberry Tea before dinner

What is Bilberry Tea?

There are many health benefits to drinking Bilberry tea. This is a tea that comes from the Bilberry bush, which grows in various regions of the world, usually in damp forest areas. In the United States the Bilberry is called Huckleberry. There are a large variety of different species of this bush that grow in places throughout Europe, as well as North America and Asia. Blueberries, and cranberries also belong to the same family as the Bilberry.

Although called by different names in various areas of the world, Bilberries have been used for medicinal purposes for over four hundred years. The health benefits of drinking Bilberry tea or numerous; it is known to help with blood disorders, as well as vascular problems. When used to help treat conditions such as, angina, thrombosis, and varicose veins, Bilberry tea has shown to provide some benefits.

The berries of the Bilberry bush contain flavonoids and anthocyanin, which is known to help thin blood, in addition to promoting the release of vasodilators. Aside from these benefits, berries also contain antioxidants that have proven to lower blood sugar, and prevent clotting of the blood. Another advantage of these antioxidants is that they will improve blood supply to the nervous system, which is very important for good health.

When you drink Bilberry tea, you are also getting a good supply of vitamins C and A, which contain antioxidants that are known to help promote good eyesight and prevent damage due to free radicals. The vitamin A helps with eyesight while vitamin C helps with the repair of damaged cells. For years people have been using Bilberry tea as a treatment to help strengthen eyesight, and fight vision problems, such as night blindness.

Seems like a lot of great benefits to drinking Bilberry Tea!

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