Dr. Oz IP-6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate) for Cancer

On today’s show, Dr. Oz talked about his top supplements from the year. He went through supplements for overall health, weight loss, beauty, anti-aging, pain, stress and of course Cancer. Now I have had a few family members die of cancer over the years, so this kind of stuff I am really interested in. Now Dr. Oz did talk about 2 supplements, one being black raspberry. The other being IP-6…also known as Inositol Hexaphosphate.

IP-6 – Top Cancer Fighting Supplement

IP-6 is a supplement that might be able to fight a few different kinds of cancer. These cancers are colon, lung and liver. It has also been shown to help prevent soft tissue cancers. Now this isn’t just Dr. Oz talking about this, this is what the American Cancer Society said:

Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) is a chemical found in beans, brown rice, corn, sesame seeds, wheat bran, and other high-fiber foods. It is converted into compounds in the body that are used by cells to relay outside messages to the cell nucleus. IP6 also aids the body in its use, or metabolism, of calcium and other minerals.

All of the evidence regarding the anticancer effects of IP6 has come from laboratory cell cultures and animal studies. Laboratory studies of cell cultures have shown that IP6 may help put cancer cells on a path toward normal cell death and may help keep them from spreading to other parts of the body. It may also affect the growth of blood vessels that supply the tumor and the immune system in general. These studies have shown IP6 may have activity against cancer of the pancreas, breast, prostate, colon, and other types of cancer. Results of some studies in cells have also suggested that IP6 may help certain chemotherapy or hormone therapy drugs work better.

Studies in animals have found that supplementing the animals’ diets with IP6 may help prevent tumors from forming in the prostate, lung, colon, skin, and other areas. While animal and laboratory studies may show a certain compound holds promise as a helpful treatment, further studies are needed to find out if the results apply to humans. One preliminary human study suggested that IP6 may cause regression of precancerous lung changes in smokers. IP6 has not yet been studied in humans as a treatment for cancer.

It’s believed to work by preventing abnormal cell growth in the body. This natural carbohydrate that can be found in high-fiber foods like grains, beans and seeds (as well as in supplements) turned cancerous cells back into normal cells…this was in lab controlled studies only though.

Ip-6 Recommendations / Dosage

Dr. Oz recommends taking 500mg of IP-6 twice per day.

Where to buy IP-6

I found a company called Enzymatic Therapy that has this exact formula. This formula gives you 400mg per capsule, which is the closest I have seen to the 500mg dosage recommended by Dr. Oz.

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