Dr. Oz 25mg Pine Bark Extract

On Dec 31st, Dr. Oz kind of started the new year with a bang? Technically it wasn’t the new year, but that was his message for the day. A lot of people want to look younger, for some this is their new year’s resolution. A few months ago, Dr. Oz talked about Phytoceramides, which can be used to help with smoothing out the skin. I think Dr. Oz actually talked about you faking a facelift with it. Well the supplement he talked about for helping with sagging skin this time was Pine Bark Extract.

What is Pine Bark Extract?

This is a pill with natural and powful anti-oxidants which fight oxidative stress in your body, which can cause wrinkles and sagging skin, especially in the face. This is something we all want to avoid, which is why this pill will probably become very popular! The Pine Bark Extract binds itself collagen and elastin. These are two very important proteins in everyone’s skin. When it does this, it helps protect the skin from damaging enzymes, which cause us to look older than we need to. We could go further in-depth, but that’s the basics.

Pine Bark Extract Benefits

So what are the overall benefits of taking this supplement?

  • Look younger
  • Fights brown spots
  • Get a more “glowing” skin look
  • Helps healing time

Side Effects

The only side effects reported were dizziness, gut problems, headache, and mouth ulcers. But this was with users with doses up to 450mg per day!

Dosage / Directions

Dr. Oz recommends that you take up to 75mg per day for 12 weeks to see the results. In most cases, you can find 25mg tablets online, which make it easy to split your dose up to 3x throughout the day.

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