Dr. Oz Oat Straw Extract for Energy Boosting

On today’s Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about the top 5 energy boosters to get you going. Now a lot of them he has talked about before like Rhodiola. Now in the past he talked about taking Rhodiola for fatigue and stress, so I guess it could be used for energy. But on today’s show he talked about one I had never heard of before called Oak Straw.

Oat Straw…for Humans or Horses?

Now this is a strange name. When I think of oats or straw, I just think of horses. Maybe because I lived on a farm when I was younger…who knows! Anyway, this is a supplement (available in a pill and liquid form) that can boost your energy.

So why take Oat Straw? Dr. Oz says this is the perfect thing to take if you feel sluggish after a full night’s sleep. Dr. Oz says not to run for your coffee, sugar or energy drink. Those will just make you crash. Instead use Oat Straw, which is a natural energy booster with no caffeine or sugar. This means no crash!

How does Oat Straw Work?

Studies show that it can expand your arteries in the brain so more blood pumps through it, revving the brain up, which means more energy and focus for you!


If you take the liquid, Dr. Oz recommends two teaspoons in the morning with a drink or your coffee. If you take the pill, you can take a pill 1-3 times per day anytime you are feeling tired.

Where to Buy?

You can find different liquids all over the Internet, but I wanted a pill form, so I went ahead and ordered this Oat Straw.

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